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10 Clothing Items Men Should Get Rid Of

What's up everybody? It's Jeff, your Style O.G. and today I'm breaking down the 10 clothing items men should get rid of. Now usually when you're talking about clothing and style, we're talking about accumulating and adding things to our closet. But it's equally as important to discuss how to get rid of things, to declutter the things that no longer suit you and that you no longer need. I like to think of it as addition by subtraction. So here we go with the things I think you should get rid of in order to be more stylish and reduce clutter. Let's go ahead and get into the top ten picks of clothing items men should get rid of.

1. Old sneakers

So here's the thing ... even if the sneakers still kind of look good or you can wash them and get them nice and white, it doesn't mean you should still be wearing them. Don't wear worn out shoes - they're not good for your knees, back, and feet. If it hurts you, get rid of it.

2. Old socks

For some reason I have a hard time getting rid of them but I learned my lesson the other day. I just so happened to go to a friend's house that required I take off my shoes. Guess who had a hole in their sock when they pulled off those fly loafers? Yup, you guessed it. Us guys do not like to rotate in and out new socks, but don't be like me ... don't embarrass yourself. Get rid of those old socks

3. Stained and stretched clothes

This is something we have to deal with; whether it's on the collar or under the arm ... it happens. Undershirts don't always help if you sweat a lot. No matter how much you love the item - just go ahead and get rid of it.

4. Things you haven't worn in the last year

Because I have a lot of clothes and shoes, I may not get to wear everything all the time. But it doesn't mean I'm going to get to them if I wait. Think of it like this: the things that are essential to your wardrobe you won't go months without wearing. Just try to make a habit of going through your clothes every 6 months and look at what you haven't worn in the previous year or in recent seasons.

5. Outdated clothes

Sometimes classic staples can become outdated. We're not wearing baggy jeans or Steve Harvey suits ... get rid of it!

6. Outdated graphic tees

Now I'm not a big fan of graphic t-shirts to begin with. However, if you choose to wear one, make sure it doesn't say something that no one even understands anymore. Get rid of that Vote for Pedro t-shirt!

7. Things you want to wear once you lose weight

To use myself as an example, I know I'm not going to get back into a blazer I bought that I hoped I would get into since they didn't have my actual size. You're probably not going to get back into it any time soon so just get rid of it. It's taking up space.

8. Shoes that don't fit

Don't be a hypbeast; be patient. Put those shoes that don't fit on eBay and get rid of them!

9. Old underwear

Get rid of those underwears you've have for more than a year. Get rid of those underwear that are stretched out and dingy or don't fit. Throw them away, man!

10. Items with colors that don't compliment your complexion

Pastels don't make more pale-complexioned men look good. Let's make sure we're matching our skin tone with colors that compliment us.

Go ahead ... confess in the comments what items you need to get rid of.


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