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10 Essentials Every Man Needs in His Kitchen

Whether you're a great chef or someone like me who barely knows how to cook, things will go much more efficiently if you have the proper tools in your kitchen. So I'm going to give you the 10 tools I think you need in your kitchen to make your preparation and execution much more easy.

1. Knives

Knives are indispensable and you need these in order to cook. I like to use my clever knife for bigger jobs such as cutting up my steak, chicken, a head of lettuce or cabbage. I use my smaller knife to precisely slice and dice and to prepare salads. I love using Bespoke Post because they help you dress better, mix drinks, and deck out your pad including your kitchen by offering great subscription boxes just for us guys. Goods and guidance for the modern man is what Bespoke Post offers and you can click the link to receive goods that are way more valuable than the $45 cost. Take The Bespoke Post Quiz And See Your First Box Today

2. Cutting board

Come on now, we can't chop and cut on our counter surface. Word to the wise, use separate cutting boards for meats and vegetables, etc. You don't want to cross contaminate. You can even grab different sizes and colors to match the feel you're going for in your kitchen.

3. Cast iron skillet

This is an all purpose tool because you can use it on the stove or in the oven. It's great to cook with because the heat distributes evenly throughout the pan. For this reason, you can use the cast iron skillet to cook steaks, fish, omelettes, and even corn bread. It's only about $20 and lasts a lifetime.

4. Measuring cups

Measuring cups are necessary if you're not a great cook. I have to follow directions and use recipes so I always need a measuring cup to get it right.

5. Tongs

Whether you're in the kitchen or on the grill, tongs are an indispensible tool in the kitchen. You can flip meats and vegetables and grab your food in the skillet or on the grill with them. Make sure you have tongs in your kitchen. You can even serve food with them. Grab some!

6. Spatulas

Scrape, stir, and scoop with a silicone spatula so you don't scratch your pans with a regular one. You definitely need this for a multitude of recipes.

7. Blender

You'll go to this item in your kitchen over and over as well. This helps you make things quickly and saves a lot of time. You can grind coffee, nuts, make smoothies, or soups. Blenders just make things so much easier so make sure you have one.

8. Mixing bowls

I like to have two different sized mixing bowls, small and large. The bigger one I might use for serving salads and chips and in the smaller one I put my ingredients for an omelette or mix my eggs in it. Both of them serve as preparation and serving essentials.

9. Whisk

A whisk can be used to mix eggs, sauces, and batters. You should use these with your mixing bowls to avoid scratching up those nonstick pans.

10. Colander

Pour your pasta in here to drain the water like a real cook. You can also use colanders to steam vegetables to keep in the healthy nutrients.

Let me know in the comments what you keep in your well stocked kitchen.


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