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10 Most Underrrated Men's Fall Style Items

What's up everybody? It's Jeff, your Style O.G. Today I've got what in my opinion are then 10 most underrated men's fall style items. If you keep up with my channel, blog, or any other style channels, you've probably got a handle on the fall style essentials. You know your go to's, like your dark denim, trucker jacket, boots, etc. If you don't, click here to check out what those items are. However, what I want to talk about now is what many people don't tend to think about when it comes to their fall wardrobe. These are some of my fall style favorites and I think if you add them to your rotation, you'll be pleased.

1. The Rugby Shirt

To me, the rugby is just a preppy, classic staple that more guys should wear. It's a great way to have a long sleeved collar shirt that a lot of guys don't wear. I love that the material seems to be a little thicker making it a warmer option when you don't want to wear a jacket but there's a chill. You can wear it with jeans or chinos ... I even wear it under a blazer. The rugby shirt adds a nice youthful look as well as a bit of variety to your fall wardrobe.

2. Jodhpur boots

We already know about our Chukka boot, work boot, and Chelsea boots, but how about I put you on to something that a lot of guys don't rock but is just as nice? Do yourself a favor and grab yourself a pair of jodhpurs. Jodhpurs are another boot that's derived from the equestrian heritage. It has a beautiful rounded toe, ankle length, gives a Chelsea boot vibe but with a little bit more detail. That extra detailing makes it stand out and you rarely see many guys wearing them. Grab these if you want a fly, elegant fall boot.

3. Dress boots

If the Jodhpur isn't quite for you, grab some dress boots. They're one of the most underrated items no matter what season you wear them. Think of them as a way to wear your favorite style of dress shoe, just in boot form. Dress boots give you a little extra height and when you're wearing your trousers they make your trousers rise up a little bit, protecting them from the elements. They come in every style a dress shoe does, like an oxford and a wingtip. It's a great way to wear your favorite dress shoe but with the function of a boot.

4. Zip sweater

Zip sweaters are a very flattering style for a lot of guys. Wear it layered or by itself; wear a quarter zip or a half zip. Step outside of the cardigan box and grab a zip sweater.

5. Undershirts

The undershirt to me is indispensible year round but super necessary in the fall. It helps you keep a little warmer, protects you from extra sweating, and stops you from getting damage to your shirts. I'm talking about an undershirt not a tshirt. The undershirt is made of a lighter material and should never be seen. If you're not sure how or when to wear an undershirt, check out an older video I made about this underrated fall essential.

6. Brown sneakers

This is the most underrated sneaker color year round but especially during the fall. Brown is a seasonally appropriate color and matches almost any color you wear. I don't notice many guys wearing brown sneakers during the fall so make sure you do; step outside of the box.

7. Band collar shirt

The band collar shirt is like the henly shirt's elegant cousin. Wear it on its own or layer it. It's a no brainer, just grab one and throw it on. I promise you'll get a lot of compliments!

8. Corduroy

Many guys think of corduroy material as being old fashioned but it's definitely not any more. Get some modern fitting tailored corduroy pants or a nice corduroy blazer. It's a texture that adds depth, warmth, and style to your wardrobe.

9. Fall colognes

This should be utilized year round but is definitely helpful during the fall. Over 80% of fellas don't wear fragrance at all. As the temperature drops and cuddle season approaches, why not have the advantage of smelling good? I made a video about the best fall colognes you should try this year about a month ago; check that out here. A couple I recommend every fall are Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb and Tom Ford Oud Wood.

10. Suits

This is an absolute men's classic that people don't wear as much as they used to, but is more versatile than people think. Of course you're going to look great because it already matches. However, break it up and wear the pieces separately. You can actually use it much more than you think. You can wear the jacket by itself or the trousers as a separate set of pants. If the fabric and weights are close, you can create a whole new suit by mixing and matching. Wear it with a suit and tie, without a tie, with a sweater, etc. So many men don't do this so you'll definitely stand out. Rock that suit!

Alright, so there you have it. My 10 most underrated men's fall style items. Let me know what you think people should wear more in the fall and what you'll be incorporating!


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