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How to Wear Boots in the Spring and Summer

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

What's up everybody? It's Jeff, your Style O.G.! Today I want to show you five different ways you can rock your boots in the spring and summer. If you're anything like me, you love wearing boots as much as possible. They're rugged, they're masculine, they're durable, and of course, they're stylish! Personally, I like to wear boots year round, including the spring and summer. You can do that if you wear the right clothing along with the right boot. That's what I'm going to show you today so let's jump right into it!

1. Band collar shirt and chinos

Relaxed, cool, and put together. Now, I'm constantly suggesting to you guys that you rock the band collar shirt; it's very underrated. It's sleek, elegant, and the lack of collar makes it cool for the warmer months. I have a light blue shirt paired with olive chinos because I love the combination of colors. To set your outfit off you can pair these beauitful brown boots with it; blue and brown/green and brown are great combination colors! Put them all together and you have a great warm weather look. The boots are a lightweight boot so it all goes together perfectly to create a cool, relaxed look.

2. A warm weather suit

Rock your boots with a warm weather suit. The key to rocking your suits during the warmer months is to be sure to wear the right type of fabric. In my second look, I have a cotton-linen blend suit. This is a warm weather look that won't have you feeling overheated. On top of that, it's an unstructured jacket giving you a more lightweight and relaxed feel. I threw on a gray t-shirt with it to pair with the grey boots. You can't beat that grey and blue combination. This is nice enough for a date night or event you might be heading to. You can't go wrong with this look!

3. Black boots and bomber jacket

You don't have to completely get rid of your dark colors when the warm weather rolls around. I threw on a pair of black boots with a burgundy bomber jacket. The black tee underneath with black jeans is a rugged look. If it gets too warm, you can always take the jacket off. This is a great way to pull these dark colors off during the spring and summer.

4. Light wash jeans a polo shirt

This is a classic summer look that looks good on every guy. Nothing says casual and relaxed but still put together better than a pair of light wash jeans and a polo shirt. With the warmer weather you can't go wrong with wearing a lighter color like white. I love how rocking these boots steps your style quotient up. The boots really set the outfit off versus wearing some sneakers or loafers with the jeans and polo. This is a style that will always be around for years to come.

5. A monochromatic look

Let's get back to the lighter colors with this monochromatic look - same color family from head to toe. This gray polo, gray jeans, and gray boots look is a part of a style technique I'm always suggesting to you guys. Monochromatic looks are very smooth, very slimming, and very masculine. I love how the brown cap toe on these boots actually break up the monochromatic look. This is also another great outfit to wear on one of those spring and summer date nights.

The key to rocking any boot look during the spring and summer is the right pair of boots. You want a pair of boots that are lightweight, flexible, streamlined, and of course stylish. Check out the pairs of YRX boots I'm rocking in the video by clicking here and get $15 off by using code: TheStyleOG

Let me know in the comments which look is your favorite! Salute!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @TheStyleOG

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