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My Beckett Simonon Shoe Collection

What's up everybody? It's Jeff, your Style O.G.! I want to share with you my Beckett Simonon shoe collection. One of the requests I often get is a closet tour, specifically my shoe collection. Let me be honest, I have way too many shoes ... so I figured let me show you my Beckett Simonon shoes since I recommend them to you guys all the time. They have a great combination of high quality at a fair price which is why I'm always talking to you about them. By the way, this isn't sponsored, I just really rock with the brand and I want to share what I like about them, how I like to wear them, and why I think you should grab a pair for yourself. They gave me a discount code a while back that you can use if you're interested in a pair or two as you read this: OG

Let's get into this shoe collection ...

First up, it only makes sense to talk about the first pair of shoes I got from Beckett Simonon, the Hoyt Double Monkstrap. If you're anything like me, you love a double monkstrap shoe. A great shoe to dress up or dress down. You can wear them with anything from a suit to jeans or anything in between and these Hoyts definitely get the job done. They're comfortable and constructed well with Argentinian leather so they'll develop a nice patina over time. You can even get the shoe resoled if you need to. This basically means they can last forever. They're preconditioned with shea butter and wax which is something I love about the Beckett Simonon leather shoes. I have these in tan and bordeaux, A.K.A. oxblood. You can't go wrong! They run for $199.

These suede chelsea boots are ones I love because of the elegant shape and design; they're sexy and timeless. They're made with a calf skin suede upper and are water repellent treated before you get them in case you're ever caught out in the rain. They have the resolable stitch as well. Y'all know I'm always recommending Chelsea boots so make sure you grab a pair. I have a few different colors but my absolute favorite are the chestnut boots. They run for $229.

With Beckett Simonon you get a full range of shoe choices, and that includes some warm weather favorites. One of the warm weather shoes I wear most from them is the Cohen loafer. These again are made with their Argentinian leather, preconditioned with wax and shea butter, and it's a classic loafer style that every guy should have in their rotation. You can wear them with jeans, chinos, warm weather suits, and warm weather trousers. I have these in tan and I also have them in brown which I probably wear a bit more than I do the tan. They're super comfortable and classic. The Cohen loafers cost $199.

The Valencia WholeCuts are one of the most elegant, dressy shoes you could wear. This style is super underrated. The wholecut shoe is made of one single piece of leather giving you an elegant design. Once again, Argentinian leather and preconditioned wax. It's very versatile even though it's dressy; you'll see guys dressing them up and also rocking them with jeans. I have the tan as well as the black Valencias, which I wear more often. You can't go wrong with these and they run for $199.

Now, Beckett Siminon doesn't only make dress shoes, they also make sneakers. They offer a pair of minimal, low-profile sneakers because any shoe company can't really call themselves a shoe company without offering this style. Their Reid sneaker is made with the same whole grain Argentinian leather and conditioned with wax and shea butter to give them a nice shine. I think these are a no brainer - minimal, low profile design, and super comfortable. High quality leather with the construction of the shoe is really something you can't beat for $149. I have these in both black and white.

For you all that want a minimal sneaker but prefer a bit more detail, you definitely can'tgo wrong with the Morgen German Army Trainers [G.A.T.]. German army trainers are exactly what they sound like; German armymen used these to train and a lot of brands have reached back to that design, including Beckett Siminon. You get a hint of full grain leather and a hint of suede and a gum sole. The Morgen G.A.T. is a beautiful, elegant, but simple sneakers that's a bit more detailed running for about $149.

Another underrated boot that I love is the Jodphur boot. They have an equestrian heritage, thus the buckle in the strap. I like to look at this as a leather Chelsea boot with a little bit more detail. When I'm going for something unique, I pull out a Jodphur. I have these in both black and oxford and they'll run you around $220.

To finish up my Beckett Siminon collection, let me tell you about my full brogue oxfords ... the Yates Oxford. You should definitely have these in your rotation. What I really like about these is they combine the traditional elegance of an oxford with the casualness of a brogue. This makes it easy to dress up and dress down. I find myself wearing the brown pair over and over. The Yates Oxford is really comfortable and you can wear them all day with no problem. These will run you for about $199 which is an absolute steal.

Okay so there you have it ... my complete Beckett Siminon collection. Let me know in the comments which pair caught your eye.


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The shoe that caught my eye the most was the Yates Oxfords. Thanks for sharing your collection. I still want to see you others 😉

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