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10 Fall Style Items Men Need for Layering

What's up everybody? It's Jeff, your Style O.G. I know we've been discussing a lot about the essentials and items you need for the fall, but let me tell you ... it is SO necessary. There are just so many things you can do to make sure you have your look together for the season. This post is actually a result of a question someone saying to me, "I know fall is the perfect time for layering ... let me know the pieces I should have that will take me throughout the season and make me look good." So I want to answer by giving you the 10 pieces you need throughout the fall that will have you looking good, have you warm when you need to be, but also have you looking cool, literally and figuratively, while layering.

1. Vest

I absolute love rocking vests and you can wear it interchangeably with everything else on this list. You can wear it over a button down shirt, under a blazer, under an overcoat, over a henley, you name it. Word to the wise: get a slim, light weight vest. Your typical big puffer jacket doesn't layer quite as well. When it comes to layering in the fall, you can't go wrong with a light weight vest.

2. Shirt jacket/shacket

It's a combination of a shirt and a jacket and in the fall, the temperature can vary so much, you never know if you'll need something warm enough for a jacket or light enough to serve the purpose of a shirt. That's where the shirt jacket comes in. They come in a variety of weights and I actually have a heavier one that's quilted. They're functional, easy to layer, and stylish all around.

3. Unstructured blazer

Next on our list is one of my favorite dressier options; I'm talking about an unstructured blazer. This is similar to your other blazers with one noted exception: it doesn't have the structure or the extra padding in the shoulder making it very versatile, more casual, and very good for layering. I love to wear my unstructured blazers during transitional seasons, especially fall. Wear it over an oxford button down; pair it with a tie. What I like about it is that it wears more comfortably than your typical blazer, it's much more casual, and very versatile. I highly suggest one!

4. Turtleneck

This is a masculine, timeless classic and it's perfect for layering. It just steps up your look. I wear it under a suit jacket, under a blazer, and wear a denim trucker over it. It shapes your body and frames your face really well. I think you really should invest in a turtleneck. I suggest a nice grey, black, or navy colored one. Check out this video on how to style a turtleneck if you need some more ideas!

5. Cardigan

The cardigan is great when it comes to layerying. You can put it over a tshirt, wear it under a jacket, or over a button up shirt. It's another timeless and classic style. You can't go wrong! I have a lookbook video for cardigans as well - check it out!

Hoodies used to be looked at as a younger guy's game or a bit too casual. However, nowadays they are cut with much better fabrics, are cut closer to the body, and you can get a great fit on a hoodie that you can layer easily. They're much more versatile than you may think. I rock mine under an overcoat, under my denim trucker jackets, and I rock them under a bomber. Be sure to get a more modern fit - one that's cut closer to the body and easy to layer.

7. Flannel shirt

What says fall more than a flannel? It's a great way to add a pattern to your look. You can easily wear it under a jacket, under a coat, over a henley, over a tshirt, you name it! It comes in a wide range of colors and different weights. Flannels look good on almost every guy and will always be in style. You can definitely layer it throughout the fall season.

8. Oxford cotton button down

This is one of the ultimate versatile pieces from your wardrobe and works extremely well as a layering piece during the fall. The oxford button down is a shirt you can wear throughout the year. I love wearing it under a v-neck sweater, under a denim trucker jacket, under a great unstructured blazer, and even under a casual suit. It's a no brainer shirt! Get it in white, blue, or a nice suttle stripe. You can't go wrong. Grab one!

9. V-neck sweater

I love throwing a shirt under a v-neck sweater. The contrast of colors between a sweater and a shirt is great. Slip a blazer over that look and you've got a nice business casual outfit. I personally love navy blue and grey v-neck sweaters. These sweaters are timless, classic, and keeps you warm.

10. Denim trucker jacket

Now I personally believe it's hard to argue that the denim trucker jacket isn't an essential fall piece. This jacket screams fall. Put it over a turtleneck, tshirt, a henley, or an oxford. Whatever top you think of wearing, you can put the denim trucker jacket over it. Pick your favorite wash ... raw dark denim or the medium to light wash are classic washes. No matter which one you choose, you can never go wrong as having it as part of your fall style layering options.

11. Long sleeve polo

I think this shirt is overrated and I've been referring to it over and over in these fall blog posts. The long sleeve polo can be worn in almost any situation you'd wear a traditional short sleeve sweater. Wear it under a jacket or under a blazer. It's a great way to step up your style over a sweatshirt or a long sleeve tshirt. Don't continue to sleep on the long sleeve polo!

Comment and let me know what your favorite layering options are for the fall!


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